Starting in September 2017, Just One Drop will be shown in U.S. theaters. Just One Drop is a documentary film that tells the little-known story of homeopathy. The film aims to dispels myths and encourages audiences to reset and rethink about homeopathy. It sheds light on the benefits of homeopathy and ultimately supports a passionate community, one that NCH is at the forefront of.

Together, NCH and Just One Drop aim to build awareness about and understanding of homeopathy among U.S. audiences and seamlessly provide viewers with resources for learning more.

National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) and Just One Drop: Resources and U.S. Screenings

Current Lineup of NCH-Hosted Screenings

Sept. 26, New York, NY: Purchase Ticket

Sept. 27, Conshohocken, PA: Purchase Ticket

Oct. 17, Berkeley, CA: Purchase Ticket

Oct. 25, Cambridge, MA: Purchase Ticket

Oct. 26, Hartford, CT: Purchase Ticket

Nov. 2, King of Prussia, PA: Purchase Ticket

Nov. 6, Austin, TX: Purchase Ticket

Nov. 8, Silver Spring, MD: Purchase Ticket

Nov. 29, Portland, OR: Purchase Ticket

Nov. 30, Seattle, WA: Purchase Ticket

Dec. 4, Morristown, NJ: Purchase Ticket

Jan. 11, Santa Fe, NM: Purchase Ticket

Feb. 7, Chicago, IL: Purchase Ticket

Movie Captain Resources

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All Screenings

Becoming a Movie Captain

It takes a village to educate the world about homeopathy. If you're ready to help drive homeopathy forward, NCH invites you to become a Just One Drop Movie Captain and host a screening near you. You are our amplifiers to help the film reach all corners of the U.S.

How It Works

NCH and Just One Drop work with Gathr FilmsĀ® to host U.S. screenings. Becoming a Movie Captain is easy! First, you choose the day, time and preferred theater to screen Just One Drop. Gathr organizes the event with the theater and manages the logistics of the setup. Hosting a screening comes at no cost to you. Next, you invite people to the screening and use the Movie Captain Resources to promote the screening. Finally, when enough tickets are sold, the screening is confirmed. If not enough tickets are sold, the film is not screened on that date and you can choose another day and time if you desire.